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Breastfeeding Center

Breastfeeding is considered as one crucial part of motherhood, and deciding to breastfeed is a personal choice that entitles a huge support system from a mother’s family and friends.

Breastfeeding is not as easy as it sounds. It is especially challenging for first-time mothers, but some veteran moms still find it difficult. Nevertheless, it is highly advised for mothers. Aside from the health benefits of breast milk, breastfeeding is recommended because it aids in strengthening the bond between the mother and the baby. The physical touch, skin to skin contact and eye contact builds trust and a sense of security. To top all that, it helps you save your money, time, and energy in purchasing milk formulas, cleaning and sterilizing feeding bottles and nipples, and measuring and warming the milk formula.

In our facility, we have professional lactation consultants who actively promote, support and provide the necessary information to make exclusive breastfeeding successful to both new and veteran moms alike. We are committed to educate all our moms with the latest medical updates, trends and other relevant information with regards to this matter. We offer highly effective breastfeeding education classes, an accommodating support group for breastfeeding moms, and a private consultation with our lactation coaches. We do our breastfeeding education classes twice a week, and we encourage all moms to enroll and be a part of our growing mom groups. If you will need a private meeting with our lactation coaches, you can schedule an appointment that is convenient for you, whether it is a personal visit in our facility or our lactation experts visit you at home.

We also house an in-store boutique that is open to walk-in moms and clients that cater to different types of breastfeeding essentials. We offer quality breastfeeding accessories that is carefully selected and approved by our baby experts to ensure that you have both the comfort and style in your entire breastfeeding experience. We have various nursing wears — from nursing bras, tank tops, to nursing covers that compliments your style and comfort. We have a complete set of breast pump supplies. We also have breast pump devices that are available for purchase or rental.